Creatività e fantasia alla Settimana della Moda – Altro Quotidiano

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Creatività e fantasia alla Settimana della ModaAltro Quotidiano_Trussardi MILANO – Durante la settimana della moda di Milano, che si concluderà domani, si è svolta una manifestazione al Palazzo Reale in memoria di Anna Piaggi, la celebre giornalista…

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Visualizzazione Creativa, Funziona? | Ricchezza Vera

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Per quanto riguarda l’energia e la vitalità, se il “come” tarda a venire, valle incontro e vienimi a trovare sul mio blog cosi ti darò qualche dritta. icon smile Visualizzazione Creativa, Funziona? Tanta Gioia e Vitalità George Luis …

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The History Of The Web Clone Industry

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Ideas have been stolen for centuries and protection against this behaviour is extremely difficult. Beyond the Internet, companies just copy the unprotected parts of complete products, hence not truly in violation of any law.

For online entrepreneurs it is far more difficult. 

Code is only partially protectable as code under U.S. law no property represents.

“Cloners” occur as a result of this gap in the U.S. legal system. Under current law, without morals, code and design are copied / cloned. 

Clones can create problems.

When you come up with an idea, you want that idea to be yours so that authenticity becomes operative.

Why should someone who steals something you created leech off of your success?

In this age of computer//internet intangibility it’s hard sometimes to draw the line.

With this Infographic, ReputationsVerteidiger,  wanted to show how this industry has evolved and how startups can protect themselves.


Source Reputation Defender.

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10 Smart Rules for Giving Negative Feedback

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Business success is based upon everyone involved pulling their weight, performing their specific roles as required, and adhering to acceptable behaviour both morally and legally.

Unfortunately, the nature of business itself and the varying levels of experience and expertise of employees, usually means that not everyone is willing or able to perform as expected, and they will need to be given feedback that to them will be more negative than positive.

This excellent article, suggests that providing this type of feedback is needed to improve behaviour to bring out the best in a business, and it provides 10 rules you can follow to ensure the effective delivery of such feedback.

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Are you a Learning Organization? How to Resonate with Today’s Members

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How, what and why your organization learns have implications far beyond the kind of information you accumulate. They are indicators of its true focus and character, and it potential for competing successfully in the knowledge age.

In our research we discovered that it was 8 such indicators of behavior and thought, rather than what an organization said, that revealed its true market personality and focus: assessing challenges; learning; resource allocations; leadership and decision-making; values and assumptions; relationships and measures success. On the basis of these indicators we grouped organizations into three personality types along a continuum, with bureaucratic, product and supply focused organizations at one end of the continuum and demand-focused, entrepreneurial organizations at the other end. Not surprisingly the latter were the ones growing and succeeding in our unpredictable and fluid environment. Bureaucratic organizations operated with a model designed for an environment of predictability, control and stability. Their very DNA was out of sync with their customers’ world and, as a result, they were at a competitive disadvantage.

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nico van der meulen: house ber

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south african firm nico van der meulen has recently completed ‘house ber’ in midrand, south africa as a response to the client’s need for an open plan, airy spaces and a large study. the center of the house is based around a rectangular mass housing the public functions: living rooms, dining room and kitchen flanked by a koi pond and swimming pool. protruding steel structures on the second floor frame the private areas with playful steel bars drawing lines between the girders, while steel grates on the floor help to block out the sun on the storey below. a series of stone and concrete walls and marble tile floors add an array of textures in a semi-open volume that connects to the exterior pools and gardens

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Six Potential Habitable Exoplanets Now (September 2012)

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Currently there are six potential habitable exoplanets — four of these objects have been detected in the last year, from September 2011 to September 2012. Gliese 163c is a rock-water world of 2.4 Earth radii, however, it could be as small as 1.8 Earth radii if composed mostly of rock, like Earth.


New data suggests the confirmation of the exoplanet Gliese 581g and the best candidate so far of a potential habitable exoplanet. The nearby star Gliese 581 is well known for having four planets with the outermost planet, Gliese 581d, already suspected habitable. This will be the first time evidence for any two potential habitable exoplanets orbiting the same star. Gliese 581g will be included, together with Gliese 667Cc, Kepler-22b, HD85512, and Gliese 581d, in the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog of the PHL @ UPR Arecibo as the best five objects of interest for Earth-like exoplanets.

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