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17 Sources of Quick Marketing Content That Are Right Under Your Nose

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“That’s coming from someone whose entire job is to create content. But if you’re a multi-tasking marketer — creating email campaigns, building landing pages, managing a staff, tweaking your PPC budget, designing calls-to-action — content creation has likely been elevated from a royal pain to a practical impossibility. I mean, maybe you’ll get a blog post written in a couple weeks. If you’re lucky, a new lead generation offer could get pumped out once a quarter.


If you identify with that overburdened inbound marketer description and are constantly frustrated at your inability to create as much content as you’d like, this is the post for you.

Here are 17 sources of quick content that can help you out in a pinch so you can keep feeding that hungry inbound marketing machine of yours.


1) Tap your sales and services teams.

2) Pull from your company collaboration tool.

3) Interview an internal expert.

4) Interview an external expert.

5) Pull excerpts from lead generation content.

6) Bundle your blog content into lead generation offers.

7) Turn written content into visual content.

8) Wax poetic on camera.

9) Screen capture how-to content as you’re teaching it.

10) Write out the steps of your how-to videos.

11) Solicit content from guest contributors.

12) Turn presentation slides into SlideShares.

13) Record presentations.

14) Compile compelling data.

15) Turn everyday tools into downloadable templates.

16) Update offers to align with personas.

17) Set contribution requirements.


Each source is analyzed with more information and examples. Read full original article here:

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